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What is Moeta?

The word origins from Japanese and means "Burn".

Crypto projects searched for a solution that would provide full visibility into its burns, burn mechanisms and statistics about burns taking place on the blockchain, along with sophisticated integration and reporting functionality. During the initial research and discovery phase, Moeta consulted independent analysts to identify if there is demand. According to the results of the research, it has been clearly visible that Moeta is the only, unique and most effective burn utility that crypto projects are looking for.

Moeta has not only delivered a solution for the space to solve the huge gap around burns and insights to burns, but also created the ultimate "BURN" platform.

Moeta Burn utility

Moeta Burn Bot

more than 450 projects
using moetabot already

Supported chains:

The Moeta burn bot works on pure web3 libraries and is coded in python.
It uses fast nodes and tracks any block/tx on the blockchain to identify configured contract related transactions.

The Moeta bot tracks both manually sent burns to the dead wallet as well as automatic burns that goes through e.g. Uniswap or Pancakeswap routers.
Moeta has designed a very user friendly UI for end users to be able to configure the bot in groups to the desired configuration parameters:

  • Minimum step for a notification

  • Emoji configuration

  • Media configuration

  • Media Threshold

  • Option to pin the notification

  • Request burn statistics

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MOETA is the main token for the project, and utility will be added to the token as Moeta grows. The total supply is 1,000,000 MOETA and the buy and sell taxes are 0% each

Moeta Burn Capital🔥

Moeta introduces the “Burn Capital”. With regards to our Burn Bot that is used already in more than 150 groups, Moeta is now extending the value that our utility brings to projects even more.

What is the Moeta "Burn Capital"?
Moeta will be a central burn community for all projects. Projects will be able to schedule burn parties in the Moeta Community!

How does it work?
- Any project can book a 30 minutes burn event in the Moeta community which will be locked during the burn event. Only VC will be open
- Project owners can speak up in the 30 minutes session about their project and burning mechanism
- The token of the project will be configured to monitor on burns and every burn will pop up in the Moeta community
- Project owners can either burn alone or let the community burn with competitions
- Moeta community will feature the Burn event on the website and in the official TG

Moeta Core Team

CMOJuliusTelegram | LinkedIn
MarketingMr Cro CroTelegram
PR & MBC hostNaniTelegram
TC / SupportYessosTelegram
Graphics / WebJeetKillaTelegram

Join the community

Join the Moeta community! Together we grow stronger!

Moeta listing & burn DApp

The Moeta team is currently working on a DApp that expands the Burn Bot functionality and also gives projects, developers and ambassadors the opportunity to list their token on the Moeta DApp and make it possible to schedule Burn Events via the DApp.

The listing will be paid and all passive income from the DApp will be used for 50% into development of the ecosystem and for 50% into the project (e.g) buy backs.

MoetaBot advertising

Book your advertising slots on the Moetabot now!
- Affordable & effective Telegram marketing.
- Bot is running in more than 200 Telegram communities.
- Organically seen by thousands of potential Investors.

Why invest in Moeta?

  • Be part of an ecosytem that rewards holders

  • Revenue streams come back into the project

  • Utilities are build with a big scope and vision

  • Moeta utility exist for some time and is used by hundreds of projects

  • The utility has no timelimits and always open for innovative changes/updates


Phase 1:
Socials and website are live
Moeta Launch
Moeta Burn Bot live
Initial Marketing kickoff
Phase 2:
CoinGecko listing
CoinMarketCap listing
Major functionality update
Ambassador & partnerships
Moeta DAPP Beta release
Phase 3:
Moeta DAPP Production
Moeta edition NFTs and rewards
PR on Financial platforms
Automatic revenue distribution
Advanced roadmap reveal

How to buy $MOETA

Buying $MOETA is possible by following the instructions below:

Download Metamask
From The App Store or Google Play Store, for free. Or add the desktop browser extension on Google Chrome by going to
Follow their easy steps from their guide to set up a wallet.
When Metamask asks for your signature go ahead and click sign.

Send ETH to Metamask
You can buy ETH directly through Metamask or you can transfer some from another wallet or crypto exchange. You can follow tutorials on Youtube if you get stuck on this step.

Connect to Uniswap
Go to via a desktop browser or inside your Metamask wallet tap the three blue lines at the top left of your screen to reveal your browser.
When Metamask asks for your signature go ahead and click sign.

Swap ETH for $MOETA by inserting our Contract address: 0x238a1fcc2f65ed50c1e1797cf5857cba3e82a55b
Go to via a desktop browser or inside your Metamask wallet.
Click the cog button and change the "Slippage" amount to 0.1%. Add your desired ETH amount you'd like to swap, once you're happy click the "Swap" button to finalize the trade.

Contact us

For partnership and proposals, please contact us by filling in below form.


None of the information on this website should be construed as providing legal or financial advice. Please note there are always risks associated with smart contracts. Please use at your own risk. Moeta is not a registered broker, analyst or investment advisor. If you have purchased Moeta, you agree that you are not purchasing a security or investment. The Moeta team can not be held liable for any losses or taxes you may incur. Do conduct your own due diligence and consult your financial advisor before making any investment decision.

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